Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Montbourgeau: 2006 l'Etoile + 2000 l'Etoile Cuvée Spéciale

2006 Montebourgeau l'Etoile Blanc (had this back in 08.09)
The l'Etoile Blanc is mostly oxidized Chardonnay with a twist of Savagnin(?)---think baby Vin Jaune. -uber-fermented apples, hazelnuts *otn, really prominent acidity, medium weight. smells like vin jaune, but fresher, not as oxidized otp. this could easily cellar.

2000 Montbourgeau l'Etoile Cuvée Spéciale
Unfortunately, I can't find anything info on what makes this cuvée 'spéciale'---perhaps more time in barrel/bottle? The word on the street is that it's 100% Chard, but still looking for some confirmation on that dirty rumor.
-slightly cloudy, a mix of nail polish remover/walnuts otn; full mouthfeel with incredibly acidity, some remnant hints of apple. a crazy mouth-perfume of pure-walnut. whoa.

*shorthand - on the nose

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