Sunday, October 4, 2009


"The industrialization of wine is the end of its identities, its nuances, its characteristics which are part of the magic of a bottle."


This, seven lines down, on the homepage of one of Jura's best: Bénédicte & Stéphane Tissot (taking the reigns for André & Mireille). According to their website, they practice biodynamically (Demeter-certified) and have been working to change the face of their vineyards since 1995. Low-yields and natural yeasts complete the picture of authenticity.

Unfortunately, their 'Terroir/Vineyards' section (as well as many other parts) of their website is en constrution but if you've had the opportunity to taste through some of the Tissot portfolio, you know these wines speak not only for themselves, but also for their maker and his methods!

Despite a pervasion of organic/biodynamic wines in the market, there still exists a sneaky misconception that these wines are somehow lacking in quality or taste; that somehow practices that respect (and sometimes worship) dirt will taste like it. Producers like Stéphane Tissot are changing that perception by continually producing incredibly complex and tasty wines year after year.

I've really become a great fan of the Tissot domaine, and for me, they have opened a door to other unique, fantastic Jura wines that have inspired the posts below, as well as the whole of this project!

In the mid-Atlantic, Tissot is imported by Thomas Calder Selections. Must...find...local...importer...

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